Download the NutriBase 7 Personal Plus Edition Update

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If you have high-speed Internet access, please download the NutriBase Personal Plus Edition Update now. Click the link below, then click the Run Button.

Download NutriBase Personal Plus Edition Update now! [nb7plus-setup.exe = 50,772,366 bytes]

If you want to save a copy of this file on your hard drive, click the link above, then click the Save Button instead. Take note where you are downloading your file to. After the file has downloaded, click the Run Button to install the software.

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If you complete your download and it is the wrong file size, you will need to re-download the file. To do this, delete the original file, then come back to this page and download the appropriate file again. A "bad" file will normally be smaller than it should be.

If you have any problems, questions, or need help to determine which version you need to download, send us an email explaining your situation to