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At CyberSoft, we work continuously and tirelessly to improve NutriBase. Our current version is NutriBase 19 - "NB19."

We add new features, improve existing features, add new reports, fix bugs as they are reported, add foods to the nutrient databases, track additional nutrients, fill in missing values, make the software compatible with new operating systems, etc.

You are entitled to all the updates we release for the version that you purchased. All updates for NutriBase 2019 - "NB19" - begin with the number "19."

If you are a registered user of NB16, or NB17, or NB19, you may upgrade to NB19 at a discount.

There are benefits to staying current with your NutriBase software. Here are just a few:

1) You save money when you upgrade.

2) Your nutrient database will stay more up-to-date. Thousands of new food items appear on store shelves every year. Thousands disappear. Stay abreast of changes by staying abreast with your NutriBase software. NB19 provides you access to over 760,000 on food items, including nearly half a million UPC bar codes.

3) You won't leave your data stranded in an older version of NutriBase. Each major new release of NutriBase is more sophisticated than the previous version. To support these new features and capabilities, we track and record more and more variables in the data format of each new version of NutriBase. This means that the data format evolves (toward greater sophistication) as we release each new version.

4) You will stay compatible with the latest Windows operating system. Microsoft has been releasing new versions of Windows on a regular basis. They change the rules by which programs must behave. This has rendered a wide variety of applications as nonfunctional or partially functional "legacy" applications. Here at CyberSoft, we design using the latest operating system available. And hence, you can count on up-to-the-moment compatibility.

5) Maintain compatibility with your colleagues, associates, and friends who are using NutriBase. As long as your associates are using the same edition of NutriBase, you can exchange NutriBase information - trade Recipes, Meals, Meal Plans and personal foods. You can even restore your complete data record to a friend's PC if you like.

6) The newest edition will always be the most powerful version of NutriBase available. We continuously develop NutriBase by adding capabilities, features, improvements, and new reports (suggested by folks like you).

7) We provide product support for the past five verisions of NutriBase: NB19, NB17, NB16, NB11, and NB10.

You can upgrade your copy of NB16, NB17, or NB19 to NB19NutriBase by visiting our Upgrade Order Form.

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