How Do I Set up my NutriBase Emailer?
After you license your copy of NutriBase 2016, you may want to set up your integrated NutriBase Emailer so you can send emails to your clients. Please email us a request if you'd like us to help you set up your integrated emailer.

If you are using the Cloud Edition with Tracker clients, you should definitely set up your Emailer.

If you decide to set up your Emailer, we will email you two items, your: NutriBase Email Address and your NutriBase Email Password.

To set up your NutriBase Emailer, start the NutriBase Cloud Edition, click the "NutriBase Menu" icon, click "Options," then select "Email Setup."

When you see this window, enter your NutriBase Email Address and NutriBase Email Password that we emailed to you. (It is important that you use the NutriBase Email Address we sent you rather than your normal Email Address.)

Make sure your other settings match the ones indicated in this image. (We marked the areas you should verify.)

Please work carefully and assure 100% accuracy. Observe letter case.

After your complete this step, your NutriBase Emailer will be configured to work in all windows in of your NutriBase Cloud Edition, including your Client Console.

Note: - The NutriBase Email Address we provide to you will be redirected to the email address you provided when you placed your order for the NutriBase Cloud Edition.

This topic updated 02/16/2016

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