How (and Why) To Become a NutriBase Console Certified Coach
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NutriBase is a robust program. Many users - even many long-time users - have only scratch the surface of its capabilities. The latest version of NutriBase is the only nutrition healthcare program that lets you monitor and manage your clients from your computer and through their smartphones.

To use NutriBase with your clients' smartphones, you will need to become a NutriBase Console Certified coach. This is a fairly easy evaluation to pass. Both the NutriBase Console and the NB Tracker apps are simple and straightforward.

If you are interested in learning ALL the aspects of the NutriBase Cloud Edition, we offer the NutriBase Certification Test. This is a much higher level of certification and the tests are more challenging. A NutriBase Certified Coach will know all the capabilities that lay fallow for the average NutriBase user. Most users only see the tip of the NutriBase iceberg... a NutriBase Certified Coach is an expert who knows all of its capabilities.

To become a NutriBase Certified Coach, you must pass two tests - the NutriBase Console Certification Test and the the NutriBase Certification Test. The former test covers the NutriBase Client Console and NB Tracker; the latter test covers the NutriBase Cloud Edition Desktop.

The NutriBase Certification Test is composed of 20 partial credit questions. You will have 40 minutes to complete the test.

You will take the Certification Test on-line. This test is an "open book" test. This means you can view your personal notes, the NutriBase web site, the on-line Help Topics, and the NutriBase Cloud Edition software,.

Although the NutriBase Certification Test is an open book test, it is a huge advantage to prepare for the test because it is a timed test - you don't want to be in a position of having to look up every answer as you take the test.

Here is a Sample "Partial Credit" Question:

In a partial credit question like the one above, you will check the correct answers from the list presented. You get credit for each correct answer and you are penalized for any incorrect answers.

The sample question above is actually asking you ten True/False questions, yet it will be counted as one question on the Certification Test. this is why it is very important for you to know most of the answers before you take the test - there just isn't enough time to look up every answer while taking this timed test.

After you pass the NutriBase Console Certification test and the NutriBase Cloud Certification Test with scores of 90% or better, you will become a NutriBase Certified Coach. As a NutriBase Certified Coach, you will be qualified to do anything our software is capable of - and that is quite a bit.

To help you prepare to take the NutriBase Certification Test, we put together the NutriBase Eight-Step Study Guide for you. We recommend you invest a few hours to prepare for Certification.

When you are ready to take your Certification Test, please email us and let us know you are ready for the exam. :-)

This topic updated 01/11/2016

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