Fixing NutriBase Favs
Support for the Third Party brand name database ended on December 31, 2022, but there is a workaround.

Since this FAV data does not reside in NutriBase, you will need to replace any ingredients in recipes recipe (or food logs, meals, or meal plans) with actual resident NutriBase data.

The best way may be to create PFI's for your Favs. PFI's are permanently stored on your computer with NutriBase

To start, open a recipe (or food log, meal, or meal plan) that uses a Fav and take note of any Favs used.

For every Fav, create a PFI that contains the nutrient data in the Fav.

Add this new PFI to the recipe, food log, or other NB entity that uses the Fav, then delete the Fav.

After you finish this process, Refresh your recipes and other objects. (See the Help Topics for refreshing recipes and for refreshing meals.)

Once you do this, all your recipes and other NB entities will be good to go.

This topic updated 12/31/2022

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