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What Can You Do in Info Tracker?
One of the three windows under the “Tracker” Tab is the Weight/Body Fat Window. This is where you log in your body weight and/or body fat content. From here, you can:
1) Enter your body weight and/or body fat content by clicking on the date... your BMI is automatically updated.
2) Print this information.
3) Calculate your required body fat content based on the U.S. Army AR600 Body Fat specification.
4) Add Photo. You can add a photo of your client. You can add several photos of your client. You can delete any photo, copy any photo, or save any photo to a file. If you have several photos, you can display them in a slideshow.

The other two windows available under the Tracker Window provide additional capabilities:
1) The “Logs” Button takes you to a window that facilitates the recording of Body Measurements, Chemistry (blood work, urinalysis), and Miscellaneous data.
2) Export your logs to RTF (a generic word processor format you can open with MS Word), CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, or XLS (Excel) format.
3) The “Info” Button allows you to track medical conditions, doctor, hospital, insurance, pharmacy, and emergency information.

This topic updated 07/26/2015

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