How to Modify a User’s Goal for Water (or anything else)
NutriBase will automatically set the DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) value for your clients or users based on their age and gender. However, you have the ability to customize these goals as desired. You may want to adjust a client’s goal for vitamin, minerals or other nutrient.

Water is a nutrient that NutriBase treats a little differently from other nutrients. With NutriBase, you set your goals for water in ounces but the database tracks the data in grams. One gram of water is equivalent to one cubic centimeter (“cc”) of water. One cc of water is equal to 1 milliliter (“ml”) of water. A liter of water is 1000 ml (or “1000 cc”) of water or 1000 grams of water.

If you’d like to change a client or user’s water goal, here’s how:

Click the “Client Setup” Tab (or “My Setups” Tab for personal editions). Click the down arrow on the “Profile” button to select the “Edit a profile” option. Make sure that an active client is selected at the very top of the NutriBase window. (If the proper client or user is not displayed, click the down arrow and select the client whose goal you want to change.) Click the “Continue” button to move to second page of the client’s profile windows.

On this second page, click the “Edit nutrient goals” button.

Water happens to be listed under the “General” Tab of this setup window, so you can just scroll down until you reach the entry for “Water (fl oz).” (If you wanted to adjust a Mineral goal, you would click the “Mineral Tab” and select the mineral of interest.)

Click on the existing value for your water goal (it’s in the “Value” column on the right) and type in a new goal value for water. You can adjust other nutrient goals in the same way. When you are finished customizing this client’s goals, click the “Okay” button. Then – and this is important – click the “Save profile” button. NutriBase will ask you if you want to overwrite the client’s current goals. Respond with “Yes.”

Later, if you go to the “Reports” Tab, click the “Client” button, select this client’s name, select a Percent of Goal (POG) Report, and display it, you will see that your new goals are reflected in this report.

Note: Keep in mind that POG Reports will never show you how much of a particular nutrient a client ate unless you have included a goal for that nutrient in her Client Profile. (If a nutrient has no goal, NutriBase cannot calculate what percentage of that nutrient the client has eaten.)

This topic updated 06/24/2015

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