How to Use the Shopping List
You save food items into the Shopping List by viewing a Food Log, Recipe, Meal, or Meal Plan, then right clicking. Select the option copy the Item(s), Ingredient(s), etc. to the Shopping List. The following example uses a Recipe from the Recipe Tab.

The NutriBase Shopping List is one of the options you reach by clicking the “Notes & Lists” Tab, then the Shopping List button.

When you get to this window, you can:
1) Edit, add, merge, or delete items.
2) Create new categories.
3) Print your shopping list
4) Save your shopping list in a word processor format or save it in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format for use in an external spreadsheet. To access either of these options, right click over the shopping list and select the Export or Report options.

In NutriBase, you access nearly all software functions via the right click. This approach saves screen space and unclutters the interface... it also makes it easy to quickly view, understand, and implement your options. Right click to see all your options.

The “Notes & Lists” Tab also supports two other windows:
1) NutriBase includes a To Do List and a Work Planner/Scheduler.
2) NutriBase also supports three types of Notes.

This topic updated 06/30/2015

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