How to Export or Import PFI's, Recipes, Meals, Meal Plans
You can transfer the content (“export”) of any NutriBase Personal Food Item (PFI), Recipe, Meal or Meal Plan easily. Once this information is exported to a file, you can give that file to any other NutriBase user and they can transfer that data (“import”) into their copy of NutriBase. The major versions of NutriBase that create the files and import the files must be the same. NutriBase 11 can import files that were exported from NB11.

There is one exception to this: PFI’s containing additional data (“My Fields” data) cannot be exported or imported. However, you can use backup and restore to move these PFI’s to another PC if you like.

Exporting PFI’s, Recipes, Meals, or Meal Plans

To export any NutriBase Personal Food Item (PFI), Recipe, Meal or Meal Plan, go to the appropriate Tab (i.e., go the “Recipes” Tab to export a Recipe or Recipes). Click the “Folder” button for this Tab. Highlight the Recipe or Recipes you want to export. You can simply click on a single Recipe if you only want to export one Recipe. You can hold the Shift key down and use the mouse to select the first and last Recipe in a range of Recipes. Or you can hold the Ctrl key down and use the mouse to “cherry pick” the Recipes you wish to export.

Once you have selected the Recipes you want to export, right click and click the “Export selected” option. This will create a file that uses the file name that you provide plus the “n11im” extension. By default, the file will be saved to your Windows Documents Folder. You can change this default location by going to NutriBase Options, then clicking the Locations option. To do this, go to NutriBase options by clicking the NutriBase Menu Icon in the upper left corner of the NutriBase window.

Importing PFI's, Recipes, Meals, Meal Plans

NutriBase allows you to import Personal Food Items (PFI's), Recipes, Meals, or Meal Plans that have been exported by other copies of NB11. You can obtain these NutriBase files from friends, associates, and/or a nutrition counselor using NutriBase. As long as these files were created with NB11, these files are compatible across the entire NB11 family from Junior through Professional and Enterprise Editions. There are two ways to import this type of data:

Importing by Double Clicking the File - You can import a NutriBase PFI, Recipe, Meal, or Meal Plan by double clicking on its file name. These files use a file extension of “n11im.” If you have NutriBase installed on the same PC that hosts your email program, open the email and double-click the attachment. Otherwise, view the file in Windows Explorer and double click on the file name to import it into NutriBase.

Importing from within NutriBase - If you want to import a NutriBase PFI, Recipe, Meal or Meal Plan file while you are working in NutriBase, go to the “Folder” Tab for the data you want to export. For instance, if you want to import a Recipe, click the “Recipes” Tab then the Recipe Folders tab.

In the Folders tab, right click and select the Import option. Browse to the Recipe file you want to import. The files you are looking for will have a file extension of “n11im”. When you import from within NutriBase as described above, NutriBase will display files with this extension. If you import a PFI, the PFI will appear under your “Personal Foods” Tab. If you import a Meal, it will appear under your “Meals” Tab, etc.

This topic updated 07/12/2015

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