Client-Related Macros
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All NutriBase macros begin and end with “^”. Typing the macro in the first column below will insert the value indicated in the second column. Use these macros anywhere you wish and as many times as you wish in your Initial Assessment Report template file. Macros are supported in the Professional and higher of NutriBase. These macros are not case-sensitive.

Client-Related Macros
^CompanyName^User’s company name or actual name. (Set in the Report section Header setup).
^ActivLev^Client's activity level (“sedentary, “moderately active,” or “very active.”)
^Age^Client's age in years.
^BasicCalReq^Client's daily Energy (Kcal) requirement. (Doesn’t account for activity or exercise.)
^Bfcalcmethod^Method that was used to calculate body fat content.
^BodyFrame^Client's body frame type (“small,” “medium,” or “large”).
^CalCutPerWk^Client's number of calories (Kcal) to cut per week to reach his or her weight goal.
^Cnum^Customer Number (as identified in the Client Contact List).
^Date^Today's date.
^DesBMI^Client's desired BMI.
^DesBodyFat^Client's desired (goal) body fat content as a percentage of body weight.
^DesWtKgs^Client's desired (goal) weight in kilograms.
^DesWtLbs^Client's desired (goal) weight in pounds.
^FirstName^Client's first name.
^Gender^Client's sex.
^GoalDate^The date that the client is expected to reach his or her goal.
^HeightCm^Client's height in centimeters.
^Heightftin^Client's height in feet and inches.
^HeightIn^Client's height in inches.
^IsCalOvride^Has the client's calorie (Kcal) requirement been overridden? (“yes” or “no”)
^IsNurs^Is the client nursing (“yes” or “no”)?
^IsPreg^Is the client pregnant (“yes” or “no”)?
^Kgs2L-G/Wk^Client's kilograms to lose or gain per week.
^LastName^Client's last name.
^Lbs2L-G/Wk^Client's pounds to lose or gain per week.
^Mhr^Client's maximum heart rate.
^MI^Client's middle initial.
^ModDate^Modification Date (user modified start date).
^NursCal^Calories to add to client's daily calorie allotment because she is lactating.
^PregCal^Calories to add to client's daily calorie allotment due to her pregnancy.
^Rhr^Client's resting heart rate.
^Salutation^Client's salutation (“Mr.” or “Ms.”)
^StartBMI^Client's starting BMI
^StartBodyFat^Client's starting body fat content as a percentage of total body weight.
^StartDate^The date when the client information was first logged in to NutriBase.
^StartWtKgs^Client's starting weight in kilograms.
^StartWtLbs^Client's starting weight in pounds.
^TotKgsToL-G^Client's total weight in kilograms to lose or gain.
^TotLbsToL-G^Client's total weight in pounds to lose or gain.
^Wks2Goal^Client's approximate number of weeks to reach his or her weight goal.

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