How to Copy a PFI to a Recipe
Say you have a Personal Food Item (PFI) that you would like to add to a Recipe. You could go to the Recipe window, conduct the Food Name Search across PFI's to locate the PFI you want, then add it to a Recipe. But you don’t have to.

The following method may be faster in most situations:

Click the Personal Foods Tab. Click your Folders button (or Organizer button). Select the PFI or PFI's you want to copy (by holding the Ctrl key down and cherry-picking them) and then right click:

Note that you can add this PFI to a Recipe. You can also copy the selected PFI's to a Food Log, to a Meal, or to a Meal Plan. Choose the option you want to perform.

These same right click options are available to you in other windows, including the Personal Foods, Meal, and Meal Plan Tabs.

This topic updated 07/27/2015

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