How to Create a NutriBase Recipe
A “Recipe” is a collection of food items from the nutrient database, from your Personal Foods, or from NutriBase Recipes. (You can use an existing Recipe as an "ingredient" for a new Recipe.)

To create a Recipe, click the Recipes tab. Click the Recipe button and if a Recipe is displayed, click the New Recipe button. This will clear any existing Recipe and show you a blank Recipe for you to populate with ingredients.

You create a Recipe in NutriBase by searching for and locating each ingredient, one at a time, and specifying the amount of each ingredient you are using.

The Recipe Window is partitioned into several areas: The Ingredient List (upper left corner), the Nutrient Summary (upper right corner), the Food Lookups section (near center screen) and the Search Results Screen (the bottom part of the screen).

The first task is to give your Recipe a name. Just type the Recipe name into the Recipe Name edit box.

Next, perform Food Lookups (searches) and find the items you wish to add to your Recipe. You can add USDA food items, Canadian Nutrient File food items, Brand Name food items, Personal Food Items (Food items you have added to NutriBase), existing Recipes, and existing Meals, etc.

To locate nutrient database food items, Personal Food Items, or other Recipes, use the Food Lookups section of your window (located near the center of the Recipe window). The Food Lookups area looks something like this:

Refer to the Food Search Topics for information regarding how to perform Food Lookups.

If you fail to locate a food item you believe should be in our nutrient databases, please email us and inquire - new users sometimes fail to understand how to locate a particular food item and we can help you with that.

You can specify the serving size you want to analyze by telling NutriBase the number of servings in this Recipe or by telling NutriBase the number of grams or ounces that define a single serving.

This is an image of the lower portion of the NutriBase Recipes window:

Click the "PUI Display" button to see an alphabetical listing of Previously Used Ingredients. Click on any ingredient you want to add to your Recipe. Using this features speeds up Recipe creation by saving you form looking up a previously used ingredient more than once. You can edit your PUI list by right clicking over your PUI list and selecting the desired option.

Highlight the food item you want to add to your Recipe, then click the “Add selected item” button to add foods to your Ingredient List (located in the upper left corner of this window). If you prefer, you can highlight the ingredient then drag and drop the item into your ingredient listing.

Click the “View item details” button to view all the data for the selected item in a single, scrolling window.

Click the “Add to my PFI” button to add any selected item to your Personal Foods listing.

The Nutrient Summary in the upper right corner of the Recipe window provides nutrient information for the foods you have added to your Recipe. Click the "View Detailed Nutrition" link for detailed nutritional information regarding this Recipe.

To add a photo of your Recipe, right click over the photo placeholder.

This topic updated 07/24/2015

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