How to Use Workgroup Numbers
Using workgroup numbers vastly reduces the possibility of creating "conflicted files" - files that can result when two users save NutriBase data that gets synchronized at the very same moment. This feature – workgroup numbers - is supported in NutriBase (v.11.4 and higher). NutriBase workgroups can support up to 20 individuals.

If you are not using a Dropbox Folder, there is no need for you to use a workgroup number.

If you are using a Dropbox Folder on your own computers for your own personal use, there is no need for you to use a workgroup number. The default radio button of not being in a NutriBase workgroup is correct for this situation. You only use a workgroup number if you are actually in a workgroup. (Conflicted files occur when two or more users save the same file at the same time.)

If you a member of a workgroup (that is, if you are sharing your NutriBase Dropbox Folder with others), you should use one unique workgroup number for each member of the workgroup. It is imperative that each user is assigned a different number. Doing so will prevent conflicted files.

Each workgroup member must have their own NutriBase license and use a unique workgroup number. If there are four members in your workgroup, each member should be assigned the numbers 1 through 4. Normally, the team leader will assign workgroup numbers to make sure that every workgroup member uses a unique workgroup number. Values of 1 through 20 are valid workgroup numbers.

Each member of a workgroup must use their own unique workgroup number on all their installed copies of NutriBase. A user’s license permits up to three installations of NutriBase for the user. Therefore, if you are workgroup member number three and you have NutriBase installed on your work PC, home PC and laptop computers, you need to enter in your NutriBase workgroup number of “3” onto all three of your NutriBase installations.

If you are using a Dropbox Folder from a laptop that isn't currently connected to the Internet, you should connect to the Internet as soon as you can after finishing your work to allow your NutriBase changes to be synchronized. You also need to make sure all changes are synchronized between your laptop and desktop if both are using NutriBase.

This topic updated 12/31/2015

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