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Remember to Wait. Any time you use the NutriBase Restore function, you must allow time for the new installation to fully synchronize with the Cloud before using this copy of NutriBase or setting up another copy of NutriBase on another computer. If you working with a workgroup and you are restoring data, it is important that all members of the workgroup refrain from using NutriBase until the data is synchronized (first to the Cloud and then to their own computers). Learn how the sync service you select indicates that it is synchronized.

Training. Never allow a new colleague to join your workgroup without understanding the information in this section of your User’s Guide. Allowing members of your workgroup who don’t understand and observe these common sense guidelines could wreak havoc on your valuable work. This is not a risk that most NutriBase users would want to take. You might consider conducting a bit of training and give a quiz to make sure that all your workgroup members know how the Dropbox Folder works and how use safe practices for workgroups.

Backup Frequently. We highly recommend you make at least a daily backup of your NutriBase data. Remember, if you delete all your NutriBase files from your computer’s Sync Folder, the synchronization service will propagate this deletion to all the computers in your workgroup. To make a backup, click the NutriBase Menu and select the Backup option. You can save your NutriBase Backup files to any location on your hard drive except in your Dropbox Folder. You can also save your NutriBase Backup files to removable media (like a flash drive). If you like, you can set your NutriBase Options to remind you to make backups on a schedule of your own making.

This topic updated 12/31/2015

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