How to Upgrade NB9, NB10, or NB11 to NB16
When you perform a NutriBase "upgrade," you will install the latest version of NB16 and replace your current version of NB9, NB10, or NB11.

You can check to see what the latest available version of NutriBase is by visiting our Update History Page.

You can tell what version you are currently using by starting NutriBase and looking at your NutriBase Home window. The Edition and version number appear in a bold face font centered near the top of this window.

If you plan to upgrade from NB9, NB10, or NB11, start your NutriBase version that contains your most current data (recipes, food logs, client information, etc.) and make a NutriBase Backup. Set this file aside - you will restore this file after installing the latest version of NutriBase that you purchased.

After creating your backup file, you are ready to upgrade. (Of course you don't need to create this backup file if you want to "start fresh" with the newest version.)

If you are a registered user of NB10 or NB11, you can purchase NB16 at a discounted upgrade price by visiting our Upgrade Order Form. If you are an NB9 user, you may purchase the NB16 Cloud Edition at regular price and upgrade from NB9 to NB16.

To upgrade, make sure that no versions of NutriBase are in use (this is important if you have synchronized copies installed on multiple computers). Purchase and run your copy of NutriBase.

Do a standard installation. Follow the instructions in your Setup Program and accept all the default values and default locations provided. After it is installed, wait until it is fully synchronized before using any synced copy of NutriBase. Your Dropbox icon will display a green circle with a white checkmark on it when it is fully synchronized. (If you are not using file synchronization, don't worry about this.)

After this installation of NutriBase is synchronized, repeat on all your other synced computers. Always make sure that your current installation is fully synchronized before proceeding to the next computer.

After you have installed your upgrade to all of your synced computers, restore your NutriBase Backup file.

This topic updated 12/31/2015

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