How to Import Web Profiles (Pro SE and Higher)
Once you begin collecting profile data from your web-based questionnaire (that we helped you install as a part of the SE Edition package), you will want to download the data and import it into NutriBase. Once you do this, you can create a variety of reports for these new “clients” to send to them via email.

To import the client data collected from your web-based questionnaire, click the “Client Setup” Tab then click the “Web Profiles” button.

Doing this takes you to a window that asks you to select the file and a Folder to which you will save all the on-line profiles that you plan to process. To create a new folder, click the Folders Tab and click the “New folder” button.

Note: We recommend you always download your questionnaire profile data to the same folder. NutriBase will “remember” this location for you for use in subsequent downloads.

Once you have specified where you want to store your downloaded profile data, click the “Select data file” button and point to the file.

When we set up your Web Profile for you, we create a folder for you on our web site. This is the location where we store any web-based submissions for you to download. Here is an example of how to download your data file from your folder.

Browse to your private Folder located on at In this example, the folder address is Use your web browser to visit this location. Locate the file you want to download. (As a convenience, the name of the file will be the date that it was created.)

Right click on the file you want to download and click the option to “Save Target As…” When you click the “Save Target As…” option, you can specify where you want to download this file to. In this example, the user saved her file to a folder in his Documents Folder that he named “Web Profiles.”

To import this file into NutriBase, start NutriBase, Click Client Setups, then click the “Web Profiles” button. Once you do this, all the profile information contained in the downloaded file will be imported.

When you look at your client listing, you will see that the new clients will appear in your list. You can create reports for these added clients if you want to. Save them as PDF files and email the report to these clients. (Their contact information will be waiting for you in the Contact List section of the Client Window.)

This topic updated 07/16/2015

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