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The NutriBase 19 Pro Edition - "NB19" - offers you access to the nutrient data for over 800,000 food items and the ability to manage hundreds of clients via their smartphones. By adding dietitians, you can scale your business to handle thousands or even millions of clients. This translates into an elevated professional image, more value for your fee, the ability to handle far more clients than you could before NB18, and a far better return to your bottom line.

Dollar for dollar, no other investment you make will impact your income the way your choice of nutrition software will. So the question isn't "Should I use nutrition software?" The real question is "Which nutrition software package should I be using?" We assert that the logical answer is: the NutriBase 2019 Pro Edition Software for Windows. NutriBase is the new best way for you to monitor and manage your clients - no matter where you are and no matter where they are. Consider:

NutriBase does not charge customers for product support.

NutriBase does not charge an annual subscription or "renewal" fee.

NutriBase provides free updates for the version you purchase.

NutriBase permits you to install your software onto three computers with a single user's license. One NutriBase license allows you to install your software to, say, your work computer, your home computer, and your laptop. Our two closest competitors allow one installation per license.

NutriBase lets you synchronize your data (food logs, recipes, meal plans, client information) across your computers via the Internet. This keeps your data current on any of your computers, anywhere on Earth. This keeps your data up-to-date no matter where you work.

NutriBase supports the creation of U.S. Food Labels and Canadian Nutrition Facts Label at no additional charge. NutriBase supports the creation of publication-quality U.S. and Canadian Nutrition Facts Labels. Print them or save them in BMP, JPG, PNG, EMF and PDF image formats. Merge your ingredients into the label in descending order by gram weight. Add your allergen statement. Canadian labels can be English, French, or both.

NutriBase has sold over three million nutritional information books. The NutriBase series of books is based on the NutriBase nutrient database and are published by Avery, a member of Penguin Putnam, Inc. They are the most comprehensive nutrient information books on the market today.

NutriBase facilitates the creation of professional recipes. You can scale your recipes to feed more (say, 500 people) or fewer people. You can cost your recipes to determine what each servings costs you. Generate U.S. and Canadian Nutrition Facts Labels for your recipes. Account for process loss. Scale recipes to serve any number of people. And use recipes as building blocks for your meals or meal plans. Publish your recipes, formatted as desired, in a custom recipe web page format directly from the software.

NutriBase facilitates the creation of meals. A meal is a combination of food items and recipes. people with diabetes can attach their medication - type, brand and dosage to their meals. Two hours after eating the meal, the client can update their dosages based on the results of their blood glucose levels. Over time, you can build a library of meals with Meds for you clients with diabetes.

NutriBase (with the SE option) will let you post a questionnaire on your web site, then let you collect client contact information and the information NutriBase needs to log any surfers who complete the form on as a client. The NutriBase Cloud can read this information and log them in as new clients. Once these users are logged on, you can generate a wide variety of reports for them. You are also building a list of prospective clients to whom you can market your services.

NutriBase lets you analyze groups of clients as well as individual clients. This is useful for conducting group studies with large numbers of individuals for any time span. Save your study results in a spreadsheet format is suitable for distribution worldwide with your colleagues.

NutriBase generates variety of PDF, word processor or web page client reports. These reports make quick, value-added handouts for your client. Save them in a number of popular formats for delivery via email attachments or as web page displays or downloads. NutriBase will automatically insert your custom company header for you, if desired.

NutriBase is the industry's best value. With NutriBase, there are no on-going annual fees for continued product support. CyberSoft provides phone support for NutriBase that never expires. NutriBase also provides 24/7 downloads for free updates to the version you purchase. Upgrades to major releases are available at significant discount. The current edition is half the cost of its predecessor.

NutriBase has a proven and published record of continuous software development. We've documented every update we've released this century on our Update History chart. Our competitor's software hasn't changed much at all in years.

Today's Dietitian Magazine says: "NutriBase is a dream come true... The program is detail oriented and offers almost unlimited capacity for customization... other programs can't compare... it does just about everything a dietitian could want."

Jordan Gold's ninth and latest book, "Get Fit with Technology: How to Lose Weight Using Your PC," provides information regarding over 30 nutrition software products. This book, says "NutriBase is much more powerful than competing products, with more reports, options, and bells and whistles than its competition... NutriBase is nutrition software on steroids."

We could go on, but we think the point is made.

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